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Fuck it.

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When you’re caught in the middle of doing something weird. ( x )

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always reblog


She just looks so stressed and I can imagine why.

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Bucharest | Romania

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I want to scream!

One of the more adorable protesters found in Bucharest, with a sign summing up pretty much how all Romanians feel right now.

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i’m speechless

This is how the system of white supremacy  operates. The media is used 2 create stereotypes like blk on blk crime.They need black men to fill jail cells for the Prison Indstrial complex

You know what? I’m tired of this.
I do not know what exactly they are waiting for. I mean our government comes up with “reasons” to invade other countries, such as Syria, like their government is allegedly violating human rights or something like that. but… I mean for other countries, they do not even have to go deep to bomb the fuck out of this place, they can just look at our media. And this has been happening to people of color since the media has existed.

I’ll never forget this 👇🏾


like i said, the sheer VOLUME of the ways they have come up with to oppress us is staggering.

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