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Wholock Episode 1


My emotions were all over the place. For one thing, Wholock was actually happening… A strange concept. Don’t get me wrong. It was perfect.

The TARDIS landing in Baker Street…

The opening titles were the most beautiful thing. The Sherlock theme playing perfectly under the Doctor Who theme. It was original, yet familiar at the same time.

The rest of the episode…

Aw, man. It was a work of art. John and Rory were total bros, and Amy and John were just adorable with how concerned they were over their eccentric geniuses. I didn’t expect them to relate that well. And Sherlock and the Doctor’s argument over their morals. They are more different than we give them credit for. I mean, the Doctor’s face in that scene… Of course, that might just have been because Amy was in trouble.

Speaking of which. THAT CLIFFHANGER! And Moriarty!

It was almost as bad as the Great Game cliffhanger. I keep telling myself that of course Amy will be okay. Except this is Moffat. And I’m so worried that something horrible is going to happen to her.

And we have to wait a freaking month until the next episode!

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