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Mark: It’s a great scene, this. It got a round of applause yesterday, didn’t it?
Lara: Yes, it did.
Benedict: Rightfully so, it’s a beautifully played and stunningly written scene. You get everything of John’s love, man love, not any other kind of love. (laughs)
Mark: “Muv”. Let’s call it “Muv” (laughs)
Benedict: It just says everything about their relationship. It says what the bond is, what the care is, and it’s everything they don’t say to each other, but he’s allowed to say thinking that [Sherlock’s] not there. That’s why this is an incredibly romancing and british affair. There’s an awful lot of beautifully understated subtlety and nuances.

Sherlock: A Scandal In Belgravia commentary

Benedict knows not to give the fandom any ammo.

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